At Clinica Santa Cecilia, all the rooms, including the waiting room, the consulting rooms, and the treatment rooms have access to natural daylight. The décor has been chosen to emphasize natural materials, including natural wood and images of nature, including some lovely old world tapestries. Baroque music has been shown to be particularly effective as part of a healing environment, so, as you might imagine, our patron saint of music St. Cecilia ensures that baroque music is always available.

As important as the healing environment might be, even more significant is the expertise of the medical staff. Medical Director and General Practitioner Dra. P. A. Anthony is well known to the coastal community through her published articles on medical topics from tobacco to fibromyalgia to swine flu to cinnamon (read her health articles here). The clinic also offers specialists by appointment in gynaecology, dermatology, psychology, urology, and cardiology.

Our Specialists

Dr. Elias Reyes Alcado, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Clinical Ultrasounds
Dr. Marion Richter-Hotz, Gynaecology
Dr. Daniel Garcia Flores, Urology
Dr. Joaquin Mut Oltra, Dermatology
Dr. Jenny van de Mark, Thoracic and General Surgery
Dr. Alexander Dreier, Ear, Nose and Throat
Dr. Annalisse Rahbari, Aesthetic Medicine
Psychologist Gerlinda Smit