Evidence-based Medicine

What do we mean by “evidence-based medicine” and why is it important? 

It means that the doctors make clinical decisions based on up-to-date research, accurate medical testing and consultations with specialists. A more accurate diagnosis leads to  a more efficient treatment and a quicker recovery.

Licensed as a Centro Periférico de Especialidades by the Spanish health authority, some of the services we offer include minor surgery, instant diagnostic testing and blood testing.

Our Specialists

Dr. Elias Reyes Alcado, Internal Medicine, Cardiology and Clinical Ultrasounds
Dr. Marion Richter-Hotz, Gynaecology
Dr. Daniel Garcia Flores, Urology
Dr. Joaquin Mut Oltra, Dermatology
Dr. Jenny van de Mark, Thoracic and General Surgery
Dr. Alexander Dreier, Ear, Nose and Throat
Dr. Annalisse Rahbari, Aesthetic Medicine
Psychologist Gerlinda Smit