Pretending to be Healthy: Everybody Lies

Everybody lies. Perhaps small white lies to be polite. Perhaps it is more serious lies to avoid problems and consequences. If you have ever lied to your doctor, you are not alone. Statistics show that approximately 50% of patients lie when questioned by their physicians.

It may be unintentional by omitting,embellishing, overstating or understating information. Or it just might be lying because you want the doctor to think well of you or simply to avoid embarrassment and lectures about smoking, drinking,drug usage, diet, unprotected sex or any of the myriad of other unhealthy behaviours that many, many people engage in.

Let me reassure you that doctors have heard it all. Pretty much anything you tell us will not shock us or cause us to judge you.

It is embarrassing to be labelled with problem drinking or “problem” anything for that matter. If you are drinking enough to want to lie to your doctor about it, then it is time to stop lying to yourself – you do have a problem. The alcohol might be “self-medicating” in response to depression, anxiety or insomnia; conditions that have more effective treatments available than alcohol.

Talk to your doctor truthfully about how much you are smoking to find out which of the new treatment programs can help you quit.

Tell your doctor about any extra chemicals or supplements you might be taking, even if you purchased them from a health shop – they can adversely affect you in ways you are not aware of.

The biggest lies have to do with S-E-X. It is an uncomfortable topic for patients and, frequently, for doctors alike. So, they silently agree to skip the subject. Big mistake. Nice people of all ages, genders and sexual persuasion contract sexually transmitted diseases each year.

Following a low fat, plant based diet lower cholesterol, blood pressure and increases numerous positive health indicators. To get these benefits, you have to actually follow the diet not just read the books. When you buy those healthy salads,fruits and vegetables, the next step is eating them and giving up the steaks, pizzas and hamburgers.

Take your prescribed medications as instructed. Only about 50% of patients take their blood pressure and cholesterol medications correctly. If you are skipping doses because of side effects or medicine costs, talk to your doctor to see if there are other medications that would suit you better.

Your doctor needs to hear the truth to develop a clearer picture of your problems and the best path of treatment. Find a physician you can trust to enjoy the sort of closed-door relationship that will make you feel comfortable talking about all aspects of not just your health, but your life as well.

This article was written by Dra. P. A. Anthony, Clinica Santa Cecilia Medical Director and General Practitioner. Call us today at +34 95 252 1024 to set up your appointment with Dra. Anthony.