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The Unhealthy Tan

Despite extensive media coverage highlighting the dangers of UV rays and the high risk of skin cancers associated with sun exposure, there still is a large population that view suntans as a “healthy” status symbol.  The Costa del Sol attracts masses of visitors from Northern European countries on pilgrimage-like holidays for sunbathing binges. Even in November the beaches […]

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When You Need a Medical Skin Specialist

If you needed a cardiac intervention to increase the quality of your life, you would never consult a general medicine or family practitioner. Your first consultation would be with a Cardiologist who, after evaluation, would send you to a Cardiovascular Surgeon. You would want someone with the proper credentials and training to give you the […]

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Dermatoporosis: Aging Skin

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been.” ~Mark Twain Wrinkles have a dual personality in our society. On one hand, we like to consider them “character lines”- a testament to the fullness of our lives and experiences. On the other hand, with Western society placing a high value on youth and beauty, we find […]

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